March 30th-April 3rD

Core Value and Activity

The Core Value of the week is Respect! Take some time this week to discuss respect with your family. What does respect mean to you and your family? How can we be respectful to each other during this time at home?

The golf activity for this week is to create your own putt-putt course for the Golf At Home Challenge. We’ve added a few ideas for inspiration. Let your children get creative with this. The possibilities are endless!


This week’s Healthy Habit is Safety! How can we stay safe this week?

Below is our workout for this week.

Step 1: 10 Squat Jumps, 20 Jumping Jacks, 10 Walking Lunges

Step 2: 10 Push-Ups, 10 Tricep-Dips, 10 Burpees

Step 3: 10 Frog Jumps, 20 sec. Wall Sit, 10 Wing Mills

Step 4: 20 Russian Twist, 30 sec. Plank

Remember to stay active while at home. These workouts will help golf course endurance and flexibility.
Golf Fundamental and Golf Drill
This week’s Golf Fundamental is Target Awareness! When playing golf, we all know that the end goal is the hole, but did you know that each time you hit the ball, you should be selecting a target? The reason we do this is to help you use the least amount of shots on each hole and provide you with the best lie. In the Target Putting Activity displayed above, you are given a variety of targets to select. Practice choosing a target, aligning your shot, setting up, and taking your swing. We also encourage you to try the activity from a variety of distances, such as a short, medium and long putt.

APRIL 6th-10th

Core Value and Activity

The Core Value this week is Courtesy! What does Courtesy mean to you? What are some ways we can be courteous during this time at home? 
The golf activity for the week is Tic-Tac-Toe Chipping. 
What you need: A wedge, spray paint/string/tape to make the playing board, paper to write the X’s and O’s, and balls (You can use tennis balls instead of golf balls. Almost golf balls or foam golf balls are also a great tool to practice golf at home) You can also use tees to help anchor down the string or tape to create the squares. 
How to play: Each player will take turns chipping to one of the squares, whichever square your ball lands on place your card with an X or O in that square. Whichever player gets 3 in a row wins!


This week’s Healthy Habit is Energy! 
We know that many people are stuck at home. Take some time to enjoy this perfect weather and get outside. Getting outside can boost your energy and is also beneficial for our overall health.
We’ve made a fun outdoor scavenger hunt for families to complete while on a walk. Remember to stay safe!

Outdoors Scavenger Hunt

  1. Stop Sign

  2. Fire Hydrant

  3. Animal Yard Statue/Gnome

  4. Flag

  5. Fence

  6. Dogwood Tree

  7. Yellow Flowers

  8. Cardinal

  9. Blue Bird

  10. Dog/Cat

  11. Jeep

  12. Green Vehicle

  13. Bicycle

  14. Basketball Goal

  15. Soccer Goal

  16. A ball

  17. Garden

  18. Tennis Court/Golf Course

Golf Fundamental and Golf Drill
The Golf Fundamental for this week is Distance Response!
Distance Response is the ability to determine the choice of club, length of stroke, and the power needed to propel the ball the appropriate distance in order to reach your target. 
To help us practice this specific golf technique, We are challenging everyone to the Water Bottle Challenge! (Thank you Makenzie Aaron for the idea.) Set up a plastic water bottle as your target and try to hit the water bottle. Practice hitting it from different angles and distances.You may use tennis balls or an alternative for golf balls to safely do this challenge in your backyard. 

APRIl 13th-17th

Core Value and Activity

This week’s Core Value is Responsibility! What are some examples of how you are being responsible during this time at home? 
Since it looks like there’s a chance of rain this week, here is a game that can be moved indoors! Putting 21! Each rectangle is worth a different amount of points with the furthest being worth 5 points. Take turns putting to the rectangles and try reaching exactly 21 points. If you go over 21 points, you get bumped back down to 15 points. You can also add smaller targets within the rectangles worth 10 points to make it more challenging. This game can also be played outdoors and changed to Chipping 21.


This week’s Healthy Habit is Play! Why is it important to make time to play?
Play is important because everyone needs a mental break after school, chores, homework and working, even us adults! It’s essential for our physical and overall health to get out and play! Here is a fun exercise! Take a break and get up and play!
Golf Fundamental and Golf Drill
The Golf Fundamental for this week is Get Ready to Swing!
With the golf fundamental Get Ready to Swing, we really are breaking down the set-up of a golf swing, Grip, Posture, and Stance. Here are a few helpful tips for you to use to improve your swing-

Grip: Hold the club with a light, but firm grip, and center your hands in the middle of the grip.

Posture: Bend at the Hips and Slight Tilt

Stance: Athletic Position (Legs shoulder width apart and slight bend at the knees.)

April 20th-24th

Core Value and Activity

The Core Value of the week is Honesty! Why is it important to be honest?
Golf Activity: Target Toss Golf
 1. Get a beanbag, soft ball or foam golf ball (for older participants) that is small enough for your child to grasp.
2. Place a series of baskets or bowls around your home to create a series of “holes” for your golf course. You might have two or three holes in your living room, and a couple more in the hallway or a few in the kitchen.
3. Use cups turned over or other objects to mark the “tees” where you toss from.
4. Take turns using an underhand toss to get the beanbag or ball into the targets. Give your child lots of positive encouragement such as “Good try!” and “Great shot!”
5. As your child consistently gets the ball into the bucket, increase the difficulty by moving the tee box further away.
This could also be an outside activity with real golf balls. Each hole could have obstacles to toss over like a lawn chair, plants, pool, etc.


This week’s Healthy Habit is Vision! Everyone is born unique and able to imagine their own future. Why is it important to have a vision, not only in golf, but also in life? 
Here are some super hero workouts. Pick out a workout, channel your inner super power and have fun!
Golf Fundamental and Golf Drill
The Golf Fundamental for this week is Body Balance!
With every shot in golf, you must first must set up in a balanced and ready position. Make sure your weight distribution is equal for each foot for MOST shots. Your weight should be on the tops of your shoelaces as opposed to on your heels or toes. Be in an athletic position and maintain a light hold on the club. The loose grip allows you to generate more club head speed to increase distance.  
In order to practice maintaining body balance within your golf swing, grab an iron and put your feet together. Swing your club so you maintain your balance throughout the entire swing. If you do this drill and you lose your balance, you are swinging too hard. 

APRIl 27th-MAy 1st

Core Value and Activity

This week’s Core Value is Sportsmanship! In what ways can demonstrate positive sportsmanship, even when your not out on the golf course?
This week’s golf activity is Over-Under chipping! All you need are some pool noodles, tees or stakes to anchor the noodles down, and balls. Feel free to use small plastic balls, foam dice, or rubber stress balls as a safer option than golf balls to play in your back yard (All found at the Dollar Store!)
How to play: Set up a variety of noodles, such as lie one across the ground, one arched, and possibly one crisscrossed. Create hitting zones using buckets, cones, or any form of markers. Take turns chipping from the hitting zones over the noodles and under the noodles. As the player gets better, make the game more challenging by move the hitting zones further back or create trick shots.


This week’s Healthy Habit is Mind! The mind is a powerful tool and it must be challenged, whether it be on the course, at school, or during this time at home. However, we also need to be able to relax our mind. Why is it important for us to continue to work out our brain, as well as have time to just rest our mind?
Here is a yoga routine created for golfers that will help you relax your mind, but workout your mind.
Golf Fundamental and Golf Drill
The Golf Fundamental for this week is Ball Contact and Club Face Positioning!
Here are some helpful tips from our staff to help you work on this particular golf skill or technique.
In order to help practice consistent ball contact, place a towel across your chest, holding it in place under your armpits, and try chipping the ball first. Set up with the ball directly in front of the sweet spot of the club face. Keep your head as still as you can and swing with your arms and body moving together. If you are making good, clean contact with the ball, then move to the range.

MaY 4th-8th

Core Value and Activity

This week’s Core Value is Confidence! Why is it important for us to have confidence, on and off the golf course?
Display your confidence and test your knowledge, while completing this Basic Golf Rules Quiz. No cheating!!!
For safety and etiquette reasons, how do groups decide whose turn it is to play their shot? Check all that apply.
a) The person farthest from the hole goes first
b) Alphabetically
c) Golfers NOT in the fairway play first
d) Ready Golf- if you are prepared to hit your shot and it is safe, you proceed
The proper place to mark your ball with a ball marker is:
a)To the right side of the ball
b) Behind the ball in line with the flagstick
c) There is no universal way, whatever works for you
d) In front of the ball in line with the flagstick
When you hit a shot and the club hits the club face two times:
a) You are assessed a 1 shot penalty
b) You can replay the shot
c) There is a 2 stroke penalty
d) There is no penalty
What do penalty areas include? Check all that apply.
a) Bunkers
b) Red stakes
c) Puddles of water in the fairway
d) Yellow stakes
What color are out of bounds stakes or lines? 
Answers: a, b, d, b and d, White


This week’s Healthy Habit is Family! It’s important for us to remember to enjoy quality time with our family by living a healthy lifestyle and getting active together! 
For this week’s Workout Wednesday we’re challenging everyone to do a backyard or driveway relay race! We want to see the whole family join in on the fun! Here are some examples of things you can add to your relay:
Bear crawls
Hop Scotch
Inch Worms
Leap Frogs 
Don’t forget to add some exercises in there! (Jumping Jacks, Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, or Squats)
Finish the relay by practicing your golf swing! 
Remember to post your relays and tag The First Tee of the Triad!
Golf Fundamental and Golf Drill
The Golf Fundamental for this week is Swing Rhythm!
Golf is a game of timing, rhythm and tempo, not brute force. In the past few weeks we have
given tips on set up, stance, posture and balance, all of which are important to a good golf
swing. Since you have been practicing those and feel comfortable with the basics, it is
important to have good rhythm to go along with that.
It’s important to quiet your mind and focus on the golf shot. Use this time to check your stance, posture, and position the ball properly.
Grip the club with just enough pressure to hold the club, making sure that the club is grasped
across your fingers and not in the palm of your hand.
Align the club face to the target line, bend your knees and lean into the ball. Allow your arms to
hang down from your shoulders without tension. Your knees should be over your feet, and your shoulders should be over your knees.
Bring the club back slowly with a shoulder turn that creates a feeling of your back toward the
target. In the same way the downswing remains smooth and rhythmic with your arms relaxed.
As you finish your swing notice your tummy facing the target and most of your weight on your
front foot. Your back foot should only be used to balance. The body and arms must work
together to produce good tempo.
This week, in order to practice your swing rhythm and tempo, line a few balls up in a row. Practice swinging back and swinging through continuously, creating a steady pace. Once your rhythm is set, step to the first ball, swing, and then repeat until all the balls have been hit. The goal of this drill is to do this without stopping after each shot.

May 11th-15th

Core Value and Activity

The Core Value of the week is Judgment! Why is it important to use good judgment when making decisions? What are some examples of showing good judgement during this time?
Golf Activity of the week: Target Chipping!
Set up multiple targets in your yard using hula hoops, cones, yarn, or whatever you have on hand. Use foam golf balls, tennis balls, or any type of ball you are able to safely use in your yard to practice chipping to the targets. As you improve, make the activity more challenging by moving the hitting zones further away and at different angles/lies.


This week’s Healthy Habit is Friends! Friends play a vital role in the development of a child. That is why it is important for children to maintain healthy relationships and surround themselves with supportive people, while also effectively dealing with challenging situations. During this time, think of ways to continue to nurture these friendships and keep in touch with your friends!
For this week’s Workout Wednesday, enjoy a few fun stretches to help with your flexibility or loosen up after a round of golf. Remember it’s important to warm up and stretch to prevent injuries! 
Golf Fundamental and Golf Drill
The Golf Fundamental for this week is Pre/Post Shot Routines!
A pre-shot routine is an important part of the game and gives you the chance to prepare to make your
shot. A pre-shot routine is unique to every person. There is no wrong way to prepare for a shot and
get yourself comfortable, but a good and effective routine has 3 components.
1. Check the angle, slope, or lie of your shot
  • Are you in a divot, on hard dirt with no grass or pine needles? Is the slope of the land uphill or downhill? These different surfaces will affect how you set up and execute the shot.
2. Choose your club
  • Go behind the ball and visualize your shot and it’s outcome. Make that decision and stick to it before you address the ball.
3. Prepare a routine that works for you and allows you to relax
  • Take a practice swing next to the ball, so you can feel the slope of the fairway
  • Step behind the ball 2-5 steps and visualize your shot.
  • Address your ball and set up.
Remember a pre-shot
routine is to help you, but it SHOULD NOT hold up your playing partners. To be a considerate
golfer you should do most of your pre-shot routine while others are playing their shot.
Although golf takes longer to play than most sports, it should never be slow! Keep up with
the group in front of you and be ready when it is your turn to play!