Our Staff and Board of Directors

First Tee—Central Carolina Staff

Mike Barber
President and CEO
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Ellen Lavoie
Senior Program Director
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Kelsey Evans
Program Director
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Katelyn Shires
Office Assistant and Program Director
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First Tee—Central Carolina Board of Directors

James Kluttz
Charlie Ganim
T. Gray McCaskill
Joe Dillon
Dr. Charles E. McQueary “Chuck”
Elswick Smith
Judge Lawrence McSwain
Dunlop White, III
Donald Moore
Ron Schmid
Denise D. Adams “DD”
Bob Moser
Mark Brazil
Dave Bohlmann
Carole W. Simms
Chris Dunn
George Clopton
Jim Deaton
Candace S. Cummings
Charles Frost
Dianne Dailey
Greg Alcorn
John Faidley
David Margolis
Jeffrey C. Howard
Omnia Fowler